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Scott Bradshaw - December 6, 1911 - Bertha Miles
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Reunion Time

Wow! It is August already and just a month until the reunion. Labor Day Sunday falls on September 4 this year. I hope you have made plans to attend the Bradshaw Reunion. More info later.



Hello friends and family! 

We are so excited  to share our happy news with all of you…on July 21 at 8:12 pm our family was blessed with our new grandson Benjamin James!!!  He weighed 7 pounds and is 19” long.. He is perfect in every way!!!  Mommy, Daddy and baby are home and doing well!  We are blessed!!!   

Love,  Rosann

Benjamin James Lassandrello | James & Laura Murray Lassandrello | Tim & Rosann Macchia Murray | Joe & Alice Marie Bradshaw Macchia | Russell & Alice Bradshaw


Verse for the day

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.            2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV


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Aug 1 Patricia Dawn Blain Dunaway Floris  
Aug 1 Irma Virginia Villa Franca Bradshaw Russell  
Aug 1 Kadin Lawson Jack 9
Aug 2 Shirley Jones Beauchamp Opal 8/4/2009
Aug 3 Carlee Rae Kilbury Russell 6
Aug 4 Caleb Thomas Cantway Nell 2
Aug 5 Thomas Glenn Bradshaw Jack  
Aug 7 Adam Taylor Gene  
Aug 9 Theodore Quinton Bradshaw Teddy 8/24/1936
Aug 10 Shelby Elizabeth French Nell 19
Aug 11 Joseph Scott Cantway Nell  
Aug 11 Lucas Kennedy Jack 16
Aug 11 Levi Jackson Kennedy Jack 9
Aug 13 Christopher Scott Blain Floris  
Aug 13 Patti Bradshaw Jack  
Aug 13 Joel Thomas Bradshaw Jack  
Aug 14 Jackson Hunter Stewart Floris 16
Aug 15 Miles Louis Thomas Gene  
Aug 16 Randi Robbins Stewart  Floris  
Aug 17 Kimberly Henning Blain Floris  
Aug 19 Sandy Harris Blain Floris  
Aug 20  Kimberly Dawn Ohrt Russell 8/20/1967
Aug 21 Katie Elizabeth Hightchew Bradshaw Jack 19
Aug 22 Bonnie Jean Langley Gene  
Aug 23 Matthew Pruitt Gene  
Aug 24 Courtney Decole Johnson Opal  
Aug 24 Michael Everett Lawson Jack  
Aug 24 Eliza Abiligail Wingfeld Jack 4
Aug 25 John William Bradshaw Jack  
Aug 26 Noah Reece Carnes Nell 16
Aug 28 Cherie Stivers Jack  
Aug 29 Jan Bradshaw Jack  

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