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Scott Bradshaw - December 6, 1911 - Bertha Miles
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Bradshaw Birthday List

From Poems By The Bradshaws

Remember Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, that sent so many to fight for our freedom and our country. Dad was one who answered the call and was sent to England. His birthday was December 20. Beverly's birthday was December 7, a few years after the war.

Aunt Opal's "The Christmas Spirit" is just one of several Christmas poems in the book. There is a link to the book above.





Dec 1 Chrissy Michelle Blain Floris 16
Dec 3 Ephraim Bartholomew Von Bradshaw Jack 7
Dec 4 Jonathan Kirk Brooks Jack  
Dec 5 Kara Gall Jack  
Dec 5 Timothy Robert Murray Russell  
Dec 6 Katelyn Diane Daugherty Opal 10
Dec 7 Kittie Diane Beauchamp Compton Opal  
Dec 7 Beverly Diane Day Thomas Gene 12/1/2014
Dec 9 Sharon Lynn Bradshaw Ohrt Russell  
Dec 10 Rebecca Jane Milam Day Gene  
Dec 13 Drew Edward Frederick Wallace Russell 15
Dec 16 Chasity Anne Brown Dallas  
Dec 16 Jessica Leigh Clemons Hayes Nell  
Dec 19 Ella Ann Stewart Floris 11
Dec 19 Emma Faye Stewart Floris 11
Dec 20 Slaughter, Dorothy Jean Jack 3
Dec 20 Charlie Boyd Day Sr Gene 4/25/2002
Dec 21 Kevin Frank Bradshaw Russell  
Dec 23 Jackie Renee Clemons Logsdon Nell  
Dec 25 Joshua Lee Bradshaw Russell  
Dec 26 John Larry Clemons Nell  
Dec 26 Tad Nolan Tubb Dallas  
Dec 27 Anita Faye Blain Stewart Floris  
Dec 27 James Franklin (Jimmy) Burden Nell  
Dec 29 Abigail Olivia Love Bradshaw Jack 11
Dec 29 Haylee Michelle Carnes Nell 19
Dec 29 Chad Wesley Tipton Floris  
Dec 30 Alexandra Ruth Crowe Gene  
Dec 30 Carol Ann Morton Blain Floris  
Dec 31 Tyler Russell Beauchamp Opal  
Dec 31 Stacie Milliner Blain Floris  
Dec 31 Karlie Jo Blain Floris 21

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For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.      Ephesians 2:8-9 (NIV)


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