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Scott Bradshaw - December 6, 1911 - Bertha Miles
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Bradshaw Birthday List

Lena Marie Blain

September 9.2016
Lena | Kevin | Terry | Charlie and Floris Bradshaw Blain

Eden Leigh Wingfeld

August 19th, 2016.  She weighed 6 lbs. 
Eden | Nathan & Justie Bradshaw Wingfeld | Ron & Patti Bradshaw | Jack and June Bradshaw





Oct 1 Timothy James Bradshaw Jack  
Oct 1 Richard Gilbert Stewart Sr. Floris  
Oct 3 Susan Matheny Tubb Dallas  
Oct 7 Delores Ordene Heldt Bradshaw Russell 6/26/2005
Oct 9 Jonathan James Bradshaw Jack  
Oct 11 Anna Francis Purcell Tubb Dallas  
Oct 12 Brooke Elizabeth Herron Jack 17
Oct 12 Ethan Kyle Johnson Opal  
Oct 13 Quendon Thomas Spears Gene 20
Oct 13 Kristin Marie Thompson Drago Nell  
Oct 16 Kittie Opal Bradshaw Beauchamp Opal 7/6/2010
Oct 16 Chelsey Marie Blain Floris 14
Oct 17 Charlton Blain Brooks Floris 11
Oct 17 Nikki McClain Johnson Opal  
Oct 18 Donna Bradshaw Jack  
Oct 19 David Scott Bradshaw Russell  
Oct 21 Cathy Darlene Blain Floris 5/5/1967
Oct 22 Joshua Daniel Birch Opal 5/26/2012
Oct 22  Dallas Marie Bradshaw Tubb Dallas 9/9/2012
Oct 22 Andrew Foster Bradshaw Jack  
Oct 23 Charlie Herndon Blain Floris 94
Oct 23 Jenna Nicole Cantway Nell  
Oct 23 Emma Grace French Nell 13
Oct 23 Randall Audra (Randy) Langley Gene  
Oct 24 Tara Leigh Dunaway Floris 20
Oct 25 Lacy Stivers Davis Jack  
Oct 26 Katelyn Lashea Bratcher Gene 19
Oct 26 Cameron Elmore  Gene  
Oct 27 Micah Rodney Spears Gene 21
Oct 28 Brandi Compton Sheeham Opal  
Oct 28 Charlie Boyd Jr. Day Gene  
Oct 30 John Christopher Carnes Nell  

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