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Scott Bradshaw - December 6, 1911 - Bertha Miles
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Lahue-Bradshaw Cemetery

Cleanup Day 2014 (more photos)

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We had a great time visiting with cousins at the reunion. We moved indoors because of the rain and had about 89 present but still had plenty of room. We had two 1st generation present - Wayne Patterson and June Bradshaw. We also had three new Bradshaws present - Mason Scott Day, Jada Elizabeth Pruitt, and our newest, Caleb Thomas Cantway. Missed some cousins but enjoyed talking to the ones there and even met a few new folks.

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Bradshaw Reunion Time


Special thanks to Amanda for spending her whole day off helping get things ready for the reunion. And Quendon for helping build the tables on the trailers.


Susan Bradshaw Brooks describes the Grammy that I and I'm sure many cousins remember.

My ancient little gray-haired “Grammy,” Bertha Bradshaw, had outrageously ambitious plans. Grammy had a dozen children, but she lost three of them to childhood illnesses. She and Grampy raised my dad, his seven sisters, and his one brother on a farm in Grayson County Kentucky. The Grammy I remember from my childhood in the 1970s always wore a homemade calico print dress with an apron over it.  Read more


Bill, dont know how many of you remember Grandma Kittie, I thought some might be interested in some things I remember. There are some things I forgot like the fact that someone once told me she loved to dance and was very good at it in her young days. I might add some more later, but here are a few things.     Dorothy Buster


 The thought has occurred to me that most of you probably don’t remember, or never even knew Grandma Kittie. I think you have missed a lot and I will tell you some of the things I remember about her. Kittie Ann Porter...  Read More Ramblings


New Bradshaw


Sep 5 Joseph Dante Macchia Russell 81
Sep 6 Christen Dawn Bradshaw Herron Jack  
Sep 6 David Herron Jack  
Sep 6 Lilly Ann Crabtree Jack 13
Sep 8 Wingfeld, Esther Faith Jack 5
Sep 10 William Scott Day,Sr. Gene  
Sep 10 Hannah Abigail Brooks Slaughter Jack 21
Sep 13 Brice Herron Jack 13
Sep 14 Mason Scott Day Gene 1
Sep 15 Jarrod Cannon Dallas  
Sep 15 Gary Ray Tubb Dallas  
Sep 16 Michael Timothy Murray Russell  
Sep 17 Julie Michelle Clemons Carnes Nell  
Sep 18 Cynthia Langley Taylor Gene  
Sep 18 Darla Whitlock Harrison  Gene  
Sep 22 Jaxon Bradley Sheeham Opal 2
Sep 23 Annette Sue Langley Gene  
Sep 24 Kacie Leigh Blain   Floris 17
Sep 24 Shanna Leigh Bradley Nell 15
Sep 25 Joe Skaggs Gene  
Sep 25 Justin Douglas Slaughter Jack  
Sep 25 Hollie Stivers Jack  
Sep 26 Kaelin Alyssa Stewart Floris 12
Sep 26 Jillian Faith Tipton Floris 6
Sep 29 Joshua Kirk Brooks Jack 8

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This is an earlier Ramblings from Dorothy about the cemetery.




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