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Scott Bradshaw - December 6, 1911 - Bertha Miles
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Lahue-Bradshaw Cemetery

Cleanup Day 2015

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New Bradshaws

Collins Cordrey Johnson
Born June 30 @ 4:20AM 6 lb 9 oz 20.5 inches

Collins Cordrey Johnson | Ethan and Nikki Johnson | Darla Buster Johnson | John and Dorothy Beauchamp Buster | Preston and Opal Bradshaw Beauchamp

Great Great Grandfather Frank Porter


How to catch a wild pig


How much is a RightSmart



Some photos from 2010  I like the shirts!

It has been 5 years since we did the Bradshaw Clan tee-shirts and several have asked that we do them again this time without the date on them. The association voted to do the project and charge $12 for each shirt regardless of size or color. All profits from the sales will go to the cemetery fund. Shirts will be ready in time to wear to the reunion. You can see samples of the shirts in the above photos from the 2010 reunion. Most any color will be available. To order contact Bill Day by email (bill@bradshaw-web.com) or our new secretary, Sheila Meredith on face book. Specify child size S,M,L or adult size S,M,L,XL,2X,3X. Make checks to Lahue-Bradshaw Cemetery Fund when paying. Again, all profits go to the cemetery fund.


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But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.

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Jul 2 Darla Joanne Buster Johnson Opal  
Jul 3 Tammie Lynnette Thompson Wolfe Nell  
Jul 5 Travis Scott Tubb Morae Dallas  
Jul 7 Corban Andrew Lawson Jack 12
Jul 7 Richard Gilbert Stewart,Jr. Floris  
Jul 9 Leslie Marie Thomas Elmore Gene  
Jul 9 James Wesley Burden Nell  
Jul 9 Kevin Donald Domenick Russell  
Jul 9 Timothy Quentin Spears Gene  
Jul 10 Mary Bethany Bradshaw Kennedy Jack  
Jul 10 Madison Blain Stewart Floris 18
Jul 13 Jaclyn Melinda Butler Morris Opal  
Jul 17 Charlotte Louise Thomas Spinks Gene  
Jul 20 Rebekah Huffman Meredith Dallas  
Jul 21 Justie Faith Bradshaw Wingfield Jack  
Jul 21 Randell Wayne Birch Opal  
Jul 21 Kason William James Burden Nell 7
Jul 21 Hayley Nicole Hater Dallas 11
Jul 21 Shyla Rashell Spinks Gene 7
Jul 22 Shannon Renee' Ciserella Ohrt Russell  
Jul 23 Charles David Spinks Gene  
Jul 24 Ariel Fay Brooks Jack 7
Jul 25 Dennis Reginald Tubb Dallas  
Jul 26 Nicholas Blain Stewart Floris  
Jul 26 Carter Miles Logsdon Nell 9
Jul 26 Leslie Marie Elmore Gene  
Jul 27 Stella Marie Cannon Dallas 9
Jul 30 Mary Ann Tubb Dallas  
Jul 31 Cantway, Collin Joseph Nell 4
Jul 31 Deanna Jean Thomas Lasley Gene  
Jul 31 Aaron Milam Day Gene  

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